Brothers In Arms

Mental Health Group for Men

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Who we are

Our own roots

We are a volunteer-based men’s support group operating in the Merrimack Valley region providing a mind, body, and soul centered-community space for men to support each other in their healing journeys. We invite those feeling ready to face shadows and dive into inner work to join us as we connect, build community, and guide each other toward our fullness.

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Our Story

Since April of 2022 Brothers in Arms Men’s Support Circle has hosted bi-weekly restorative circles free-of-charge to over 70 men of Lawrence and Lynn. Through our circles we provide peer-to-peer support and help men cultivate mindfulness tools and self awareness so that they are better positioned to be the fathers, husbands, brothers, neighbors, friends, and leaders that our communities need.

Our facilitators have received training on community circle facilitation, restorative practices, and active listening. They are also prepared to refer participants in need of deeper mental health support to qualified mental health professionals.

In summary, BiA represents an effort to lead men towards holistic wellness by offering peer support and accountability through restorative circles to those who wish to lean into purposeful self reflection, community-building, and self-refinement. 


Our Mission

A volunteer-based men’s support group.

We strive to provide local men with mindful tools, awareness, and peer support that help us become the fathers, husbands, brothers, neighbors, friends, and leaders our communities need.

Although our lead facilitators are not licensed mental health professionals, they have received training on community circle facilitation, how to hold space for those in need of moral and emotional support, and how to prompt participants to pursue psychological and spiritual growth by moving toward light and shadow integration.

If our lead facilitators observe that a participant is in need of support to address significant mental health issues, they are prepared to help participants seek professional mental health services.    

More importantly, we are simply a group of men striving to lead ourselves into our fullness while offering support to other men who wish to move in a similar direction.

A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance.

~ Bear Grylls


Donation-Based Community (Non-profit Status Pending)

We provide a judgment free zone that invites men to embrace and practice vulnerability in a supportive setting.
Within our container, we help men move through the discomfort of sharing personal stories so that they become comfortable talking about any issues weighing on them and their loved ones. The ultimate goal is to guide ourselves toward living our best lives.

Although there is no cost or obligation to attend our meetings, our community requires a minimal budget to cover operating costs such as non-profit administrative fees, facilitator training, securing space for meetings, providing healthy snacks and beverages during events, and offering scholarships to help participants secure professional mental health services. We invite anyone who wishes to support this important and burgeoning local cause to do so by providing a donation.